Learn How to Color Grading on Final Cut Pro with a Concise Tutorial

If you happen to be looking for a Final Cut Pro tutorial describing how to color grade, then you’ve come to the right place—here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxEVQaQ2Y1E. Obviously, you ought to have Final Cut Pro X installed on your work Apple desktop/Mac laptop.

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You’ve got it? Good. Let’s begin.

Now before we start, you have to keep in mind these three elements of color grading: hue (the colors themselves); saturation (the intensity of the color); and luma (the brightness/shade of color). In addition, familiarize yourself with these scopes in color grading: luma waveform (the indicator that you can use to correct the exposure); RGB/Red, Green, Blue overlay (the indicator for adjusting white balance issues, read in red, green, and blue color channels); and vectorscope (the indicator that shows what colors are present in the video/image as well as their saturation). All are present in the software display.

Here’s what basically the color grading workflow presented in the tutorial:

  1. Correct the exposure, or brightness, of the image,
  2. Fix the white balance, or color temperature, should there are any issues, and
  3. Adjust the saturation, either by increasing it or decreasing it.

In those three simple steps broken down in more detail, you’ll find that the process of color grading is not a difficult task to achieve. By understanding the core essentials in it, soon you’ll have no difficulties on accomplishing how to color grade in Final Cut Pro X.