Have you heard about the 40 bags challenge?

On a couple of the blogs I read, the bloggers did a 40-day challenge.

It’s linked to Lent and the idea is they declutter 40 spaces in their home and get rid of 40 bags.

I love the idea of it but it wouldn’t work exactly as intended for me since my house is already relatively clutter-free.

Although I could easily do about 3 – 4 bags :)

Nevertheless, I thought I’d link to this excellent wrap-up post. Katie shares what she leart, what worked well for her and what she recommends for future challenges of this nature.

Katie, here’s your “featured at Organising Queen” button.


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When you do any large-scale organising project, it’s important to:

1) have a plan of attack

2) create the time to do it (schedule it in your diary)

3) use small steps to produce huge results over time

4) have some accountability, both to motivate you and to help you celebrate your victories


The last big organising project in my house was when we went from this…

to this…

I had to get really honest about what I was keeping and why :)

If you need to tackle some areas of your home this month, Organise your home will help you. It’s a step-by-step system using only 4 days a week for 30 minutes at a time.

What was the last big organising project you did?

Inspiring spaces #8 – craft room

I came across a craft room while blog-surfing a few months ago and somehow lost it when click, click, clicking through.

But last week I found this blog again and I must confess, I spent all my blog reading time that night reading her entire blog.

It’s called Little Lovelies and it is really just lovely.

Clean, fresh, uncluttered, simple… I could go on and on.

Her craft room has been causing gasps of wonder and delight all around the internet so let me show you why.


and then her sewing area…

(I must admit I’m dreaming of a sewing machine even though I can’t sew and haven’t used a sewing machine since I was about 14 :))

I love all the desk space, the colours are so soothing and my favourite, you really get a sense of who Allison is by the way she’s done it.

It’s beautiful but you still feel like a “real person” lives there.

Click on over to see Allison’s craft room and then come tell me what your favourite part of this space is.


Allison, here’s a button for your blog!

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Inspiring spaces #7 – home office

This week I’m very proud to feature the organised space of one of my clients, Ricci Jackson, an interior designer.

Ricci and I had a telephone session and she also bought the Organise your Business system.

Since part of having an organised business is having a space to work in that supports and doesn’t sabotage your business goals, one of the components of the system is 7 easy steps to organise your office.

Ricci sent me an email and said this:

Marcia, I just wanted you to know that I am making strides.

I organized my office the first week, bought files, a label maker and even created zones.

I am inspired to work in my office again.

While it was never a mess,  I found myself spending way too much time trying to find where I put this or that.

Now having everything in its prospective zone is deliciously satisfying.

Don’t you love how she described it? Deliciously satisfying!


I always say that organising is not just something you do for organising’s sake; it’s to enable you to live your life to the full.

Without having to search for things, Ricci is now able to use that time to work on her business.

Because her space inspires her, she can better inspire her clients.

That’s what it’s all about!

before she bought Organise your Business
(there is a section on organising your office)


she’s used at least 3 different ideas and tips that are clearly visible to me :)

and here is the lovely lady herself. Doesn’t that colour look great on her?!

Thanks, Ricci, for letting me feature your inspiring space!

Inspiring space #6 – dream closet

Today’s inspiring space is an absolute dream.

I think it may even be better than Oprah’s closet :)

This is Megan’s custom-designed closet from Honey We’re Home.

Megan has an absolutely beautiful home (how she keeps it so stylish with a toddler I have no idea!) and it’s decorated beautifully.

There are tons more pictures on the blog posts themselves but I want to point out a few things:

This space embodies “a place for everything and everything in its place“.

I’m a little bit jealous at all the colours that suit her! I have about 4 colours in my wardrobe :)

Don’t you love how she drapes her (what we call) jerseys over hangers?

look at the shoe storage – beautiful

And look! A touch of pretty with a vase of flowers.

This pic is my favourite. I love the gazillion pairs of jeans all neatly organised. Uniform hangers really make a difference, don’t they?

Now Megan, what I want to know is this, “is that closet neat like this all the time?” ;)

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous closet. Here’s a button for your blog.

Aside from all the eye candy, I LOVE her follow-up post about how she organises that space.

Have a read and catch some tips.

Over to you – what is your favourite part of this space?

Inspiring space #5 – home office

Be prepared to gasp at this thing of beauty!

click the picture to view a full-size one

I told you :)

I love, love, LOVE this space because it’s beautiful to look at (don’t you love the splashes of colour?), beautifully organised (where is her paper? :)) and it speaks of her personality.

I had a good dig around her site (almost like looking through your cupboards ;) and she loves teal.

But the best thing about this is that she visualised her space well before she even moved into this house.

I read an old post where she spoke of exactly what she’d have her office look like one day and this is it!

Fantastic and totally inspiring.

Have a look at all the beautiful pictures on the Katelyn James Blog (she’s a photographer) and be prepared to drool.

Katelyn, it was an honour to feature your inspiring space.

Here’s a button for you to link up your post.


What’s your favourite thing about this space?

P.S. If you want to send me your inspiring space, send me a link or pic to marcia AT organisingqueen.com

Inspiring spaces #4 – gorgeous kitchen

This week’s inspiring space is this absolutely gorgeous kitchen I found over at Flea Market Trixie.

There are SOOOOO many things I love about this space.

  1. The colour scheme makes it feel so soothing and tranquil. The white with the blue/ green accents just does it for me.
  2. I love that window nook. I would curl up there with a cup of tea and read every single day :) And yes, a window nook is on my dream house list.
  3. The open cabinets mean that she’s got to keep her shelves neat and tidy, and uncluttered. Love that!
  4. That turqouise kettle….mmmm

What is your favourite thing about this space? And doesn’t it inspire you to go get rid of all the dishes you’re not using? :)

Here’s a button to display on your sidebar, Trixie, for an absolutely beautiful kitchen.

If you want to send me your inspiring space, send me a link or pic to marcia AT organisingqueen.com

Inspiring Spaces #1

First, if you’re in the Jhb/ Pta area, I’m doing a free talk on Organising your time tomorrow night (Monday 18th April) at Christian Family Church on Silverwings Boulevard (just off Atlas Road).

We start at 7 pm sharp (especially when the topic is time management :)). Entrance is free but please bring R20 for the handout.


But now for the main attraction…

Remember a few weeks ago I asked for submissions of inspiring spaces.

Well, nobody sent me anything.

I know, it’s terrible!

So I went looking myself and found this beauty that made me gasp!

I found this gorgeous dressing room over at Domestic Jenny. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also organised.

Go and pay her a visit :)

And as soon as I can organise it, I’m going to send her a button – “I’ve been featured at Organising Queen” .

Bear with me though; anything technical on the computer is not my friend!

What’s your favourite part of this room?

P.S. My favourite part is the sheer luxury of all that space!

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