{Organising} Office odds and ends


Years ago I had this nice, new pink shoe bag I bought in the kiddies section of Mr Price Home that I used in my study for cables, chargers and such.

Office odds and ends, if you will.

It had shoe bags on both sides so when the one side started looking too grubby, I just turned the thing over and used the other side.

But a few weeks ago, I took something out in a hurry and the pink pockets tore.

I looked closely and saw that the whole thing was actually long overdue for the rubbish heap because it was falling to shreds.

Still, I’d had very good use of something I paid R40 for at least 6 years ago.


I try not to go shopping for something unless I’ve totally exhausted in-house possibilities so I went looking in my cupboard and sure enough, I found a mesh bag that is actually intended for the shower.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be organised.

Determined not to exceed these 6 pockets, I ruthlessly decluttered to make it all fit.

Tell me, why do we keep old cell phones that nobody would even want to have?!

Here is the result.



Took me about 15 minutes to decide what to keep and put it all back neatly.


(taking the photos and editing them took longer)


For the record, I keep an iphone charger at my desk and another on my bedside table. I also keep the kindle charger in my bedside table drawers.

Where do you keep your office odds and ends?

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