the principles ALWAYS work if you work the principles

Seems like there are extremes all over the world – in South Africa, there are some heat waves (thank goodness I’m on holiday at the coast because I don’t think I’d cope back home!) and in the USA, based on my instagram feed, looks like there are lots of extremely cold weather with the blizzards and snow…

It reminds me of something I read just this morning in a sample of a book called Time Warrior.

When people hear that it’s raining, there are one of two reactions – either they think “oh no, gloomy weather… have to stay inside….” or they think, “oh yes! my garden will get watered, time to nestle in with a cup of tea and a good book”.

Which person are you?

The point is that the rain is the same – it’s our reaction to it.


I LOVE rainy weather and grey skies because they’re so dramatic and the light afterwards is, in a word, GORGEOUS! Beautiful for photography.

At the moment, I’m praying for just an hour or two of rain so I can put the kids in their gumboots and let them play with their umbrellas…. so I can take some fun photos of them.

So back to goals.

Goals are the same – the principles ALWAYS work if you work the principles.

The only reason they “work for some” and “don’t work for others” is your reaction and attitude to goals.

Do you want goals to work for you?

Then take action.

I’m a big believer in baby steps and I’m very good at showing you, step by step, how to do that in How to set and achieve your goals

Or you can use the Amazing Life Workbook and put the picture of the workbook that’s in the email.

If one of your goals this year is to declutter your home, my friend, Beth Dargis, is starting her very popular Declutter Group on Monday 27th.

One more thing before I go down to the beach…

I’m starting a new feature in the newsletters this year – “your one biggest question”.

Since the focus this month is on goals and goal-setting, what is your one biggest question about goal-setting?

Hit reply, write your question and click send. That’s it. I’ll pick the most popular question and answer it next week.


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  1. I love the drama of thunder and lightning, and I delight in rain because God’s watering my garden for free! And all the dust in the air and on my plants get’s washed away and everything looks crisp and clean and wonderful the next day.
    Rain is good. Weeding after the rain… therapeutic.

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