Do you wear a watch?

Two things happened recently:

First thing – I was in a meeting and since we were waiting for latecomers, one of the attendees asked what the time was so I looked at my watch and told him.

Another girl then said to me incredulously, “you still wear a WATCH?”

Of course I do.

She then said since she carries her cell phone everywhere, she stopped wearing a watch years ago.

Okay then!

Yes, I wear a watch.

I love wearing a watch (I have a thing for watches) and I don’t always have my phone with me. I know this is considered strange but I actually like being disconnected when I choose not to have external stimulation.

Second thing – I was listening to an audio download and the lady mentioned she doesn’t wear a watch. This was a self-employed writer/ blogger so maybe she didn’t need to do things on time, I don’t know… they didn’t get into why she doesn’t wear a watch.

But that got me wondering.

Do you wear a watch? If not, what do you use to tell the time?

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