Using your natural flow

The other day on Facebook a friend updated her status and wrote about how she only seemed to be able to write her newsletter at night.

I commented and said something like, “at least you’re using your flow”.
Which brings me to the point of this post.

When you’re in the flow, see how long you can go if at all possible.

Let me give you an example that happened to me just last week.

I schedule my time throughout the week so that I focus on different tasks on different days.

On this particular day I was scheduled to write a blog post.

I wrote that one post but felt that things were flowing so beautifully that I extended the time to write another two posts.

All that in just under an hour.

So here’s the thing – no, the time wasn’t scheduled for the extra posts but I was in my natural flow.

It is purposeful time management to use the flow so that ultimately I get the tasks done quicker and much, much easier.

My question for you – think about things you do regularly.

Are there certain times of the day they feel easier? Could you incorporate this task into your weekly plan to capitalise on the flow?

P.S. My flow happened after I’d got back from the gym so maybe all that exercise was good for my writing muscles :)

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  1. I sometimes get stares at work when I stay “too long,” but when I get a rhythm going in a set of tasks, it’s much easier to keep going than it would be to resume in the morning. Flow, momentum, mojo, whatever you call it, when it’s working, use it!

  2. I am a recovering list addict. More and more, I am going with my natural flow. I get the basics done (feeding and cleaning/washing, etc.) and the rest of the time I do what beckons me intuitively rather than following a proscribed to-do list.

    I find that I have much more energy that way, get more done, more of the right things and enjoy myself. Following a to-do list used be such a dirge, I was exhausted by lunchtime.

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