Uh oh, I forgot my password

I did a quick count of websites I need passwords to access.


And I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten about.

When I sign up for a new site and quickly create a password (don’t you hate it when they’re prescriptive, like “must be 4 letters and 3 numbers”?!), I always have the very best of intentions.

And I’m deluded because I think, “of course I’ll remember”.

Except I don’t.

Sometimes I can find it in my desk notebook but othertimes I’m forced to click that “forgot your password” link and go through the verification process to have a new password sent to me.

A Big Old Nuisance.

So I have three things I do which I thought I’ll share with you:

1. Remember them

This is a must for any bank and money-related websites, like my shopping cart

I try and get fancy with strange number combinations and force myself to remember them. The good thing is I’m in and out of these websites often so it’s easy to remember the passwords.

2. Drag and drop onto my contacts in Outlook

For those sites where they send you a confirmation of the password you selected, drag and drop the email onto your contacts.

The contact will open and then you can click Save.

When you forget your password, all you do is type in the website in the search box and it will retrieve your password.

3. My trusty spreadsheet

I have long had a spreadsheet with website, user name and password. I keep this updated and print it out once every 6 months or so and stick it in my diary/ daily planner.

This works very well for me.

I heard recently about someone who has a tiny little notebook where he jots down his gazillion passwords.

At the time, people had a good laugh but as I always say, whatever works for you is the best solution.

What works for you?

P.S. I know all the rules about not having your passwords in writing but am afraid my memory is not that trusty and I don’t want to keep pressing that “forgot your password” link. Nor do I want to go all hi-tech with computer programmes – I like things very simple :)

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  1. small notebook for me.

  2. I have two “systems” – for websites where I could care less if someone decided to be me, I use a standard password of a nonsense word I add numbers to if required. For places that require better security (actual security, the other passwords are a bit flimsy!) I remember them because I use them often and/or I store them in a secure app on my iphone for that purpose.

  3. I used to use an address book. A spiral address book is best. I make sure to enter the web address, username, password, security questions, acct numbers, etc.

    Now I have made a “household” notebook in OneNote. Under the “Personal” section I have a page with a spreadsheet that lists all those things alphabetically. Another page has all our bank accounts with acct numbers, PINS, security question, username, password, routing number. Another page has all our insurances such as medical, life, homeowners, disability, auto, etc. I have all the acct numbers, basic coverage numbers, phone number, address, claim number, broker. Then there is the page for Credit Cards, another page for social security and driver’s license numbers for the family. It goes on from there. Anything that I need to keep up with for the household is in my OneNotes notebook. So far this is working really well.

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