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Today I want to talk a bit about why I chose this topic and what it means to me.

It’s no secret I’m passionate about time management, goal-setting and organising.

However I’ve written two series on organising, goal-setting seems to be quite seasonal for most people (not for me, of course – I could talk about it til the cows come home) and so I really wanted to write about time.

But to many, time seems to be this fleeting resource most of us want more of but can’t seem to grasp.

Like wind!

And yet… that is not my perception of time at all.

31 days of enough time |www.OrganisingQueen.com

There is enough time for everything I want to do. Yes, time seems to pass quickly, especially when I’m having fun, but generally I don’t feel that I don’t have time for what I want to do.

So that’s what I’m going to explore this month.

This is not going to be a series of how to do 5 things at the same time – while watching TV, you’re doing your filing, supervising homework, painting your nails and cooking.

Instead, this is going to question whether you even should be doing all those 5 things, and if you decide yes, a few ideas to design your life to enjoy the process more.

31 days of enough time | www.OrganisingQueen.com

Practically speaking, since it’s just me writing, I have loosely planned my series to have quick posts; also, easy posts will be interspersed with lengthier ones.

I don’t have every last thing decided on so please let me know in the comments what I really need to cover to make reading here worthwhile for you.

Thank you!

You can always click on the 31 days of enough time label below each post to see all the posts in this series. Or click the button on the sidebar :)

31 days of enough time | www.OrganisingQueen.com

How to print Instagram photos (on the cheap)

Late last year I decided that I wanted to print my Instagrams for the year. I investigated a lot of options but they were all too expensive (for me) – maybe you don’t mind paying that much… I do.

So I googled a bit and eventually mished and mashed a few things together, and this is now my system that works REALLY well.

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Export your photos from IG via www.instaport.me. I only do this once a month, except when I first started and I had nearly a whole year to work through.

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Extract from zip file (open the zip, copy all and paste into your folder)

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Make sure they’re sorting themselves by date order.

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Open Picasa and all your photos will fly in (it really does :))

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Select all the ones you want in batches of 6 – I really do aim for one print a day (best I’ve done is probably 48 over a month). Collage each batch of 6 in a grid format to print in a 10 X 15 size. (6 squares make a standard 10 X 15 – I had to experiment a lot)

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Print and put in your album.

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com


I bought this 200-page album at CNA for R90 last year. They now go for about R130. It will comfortably last at least 2 years.

Prints are R4,50 each at my local print shop. I love the quality so I pay more. If I’m printing more than 50, I get a discount per print. The last batch cost me R3,80 each because I printed 60.

I end up with about 10 every month which is at most R45….. and R540 for the year. As with most things, doing this on a monthly basis means it is very affordable.

All in all, you’re looking at R600 per year – R50 a month. Much cheaper than any of the places that print instagrams.

But if you’re looking for only a few select instagrams instead of a “book” concept as I was, then by all means, please use the specialist instagram printers.

How to print from Instagram | www.organisingqueen.com

Do you print your Instagram photos?

Have you done a book? Or do you print individual prints?

What does your system look like?

Some reading for the weekend – Sept edition – and this year’s 31 days

I decided to participate in The Nester’s 31 days writing challenge for the month of October.  I wrote about organising when I participated before so this time I’m talking about time management.

I usually subscribe to about 10 new blogs just for this challenge and, to be honest, most of them fall off my reader about half way through. So I’m going to do things differently around here by keeping things mostly short and very practical. I’m also going to share for the first time ever (I think) my most favourite time management books ever! (if ever there was a nerd alert, this is it!)


The intention is to share

  • inspiration
  • my favourite books
  • my favourite tools and tricks
  • popular articles (jazzed up)
  • thoughts to challenge all of our mindsets
  • the common myths and how I’ve seen them play out

Blogging is very lonely for someone like me, even with a normal posting schedule, so I would LOVE your support a couple of times a week.

Please just say “hey! I’m reading”, share a post that means something to you, pin something, instagram something else, tag your post if you do something inspired by the blog, etc, etc. and I will forever be grateful.

I hope you’ll join me every day in October. I’m looking forward to it – I hope you are :)

Some reading for the weekend

Reading this post made me get up from my desk at about 10 pm in the evening and tackle my kids’ stuff. I finished about an hour later and it was SO worth it (that post is coming up next month).

How to decide what you should say yes to


Why she’s not a minimalist


I love how she knows herself so well – on being the boss lady

Being the boss lady | Modern Mrs Darcy

This post went viral with good reason. Stop comparing and be grateful.

kitchen fridge one

I spoke about a “life” bookshelf on Wednesday. Here are some actual,  physical, gorrrrrrgeous bookshelves.

 photo classy3.jpg

Have fun reading and let me know which was your favourite!

Happy weekend :)

PS All photos except my one on the top were taken from the blog posts I linked to.

{Time management} What does the bookshelf of your life look like?

I was recently going through some Kindle samples to delete or add to my wish list. I came across an author who described our lives as bookshelves. The sample wasn’t compelling enough for me to add to my “to read” pile but somehow that image of the bookshelf stayed with me.

I’ve since gone through all my browsing history on Amazon (!) but I can’t find the name of that book. If you know of it, please let me know so I can give the person due credit.

Your bookshelf of time | Organising Queen

The bookshelf of your life | Organising Queen


Your life can be represented by a bookshelf.

  1. If you think about your life right at this moment as a bookshelf, what does that look like?
  2. Is it crammed too full of books with random books shoved in any spaces you can find?
  3. Does it have lots of white space so that it’s no problem to add an extra book here or there?
  4. Are you able to comfortably move books around – either to other sections – or declutter them completely?
  5. Do you need to add some new books to your shelf?

Some of us try to cram our bookcases full of books when it’s clear that there’s no space. If you want another book on your bookcase, you need to take something else off.

What does the bookcase of your life look like at the moment?

If you need help creating a bookcase with some white space, Organise your Time will help you.

{Live intentionally} Core desired feelings – part 2

Last week I wrote part 1 about core desired feelings.

If you missed that post, have a read here.

Today we’re taking it one step further.

Danielle had a mini-workbook-type thing somewhere on her blog/ newsletter/ I can’t remember because I print them off and don’t keep the files :)

There was a question in there – which three things will you do daily to create those core desired feelings in your life?

No skipping steps.

If you haven’t done so yet, get the printable at my site and do the CDF exercise first.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

I took the time to really do some thinking and after scribbling away, it came down to a few key things for me:

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Remember these are my core desired feelings…Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Speak to real people (in the flesh as opposed to online relationships)

If there’s an opportunity to connect or engage with someone in real life, that will always trump online activity. E.g. if Connor wants me to go for a walk and I’m busy scrolling through Instagram, he comes first. Silly example but there you go. I’m very bad at being vulnerable and asking for help, so I added in to be brave and do those things.

Create something

I feel unaccomplished if I’m not creating something. Create (for me) means organising, photographing, writing a blog, article, book, designing a printable, cooking, baking, making memories with the kids, etc.

Be fully present

This one also talks to engagement. Be with the person in front of you – family and friends. This is a great one and one that is very easy – simply leave your phone in your handbag. I’ve been excellent at this and in so doing, forgot to take pics at about 5 or 6 socials :) At my birthday lunch, my one friend said to me, “I’m a bit worried that you won’t have any photos because I haven’t seen you with your camera the entire afternoon” so I quickly whipped around and took a few photos :)

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Isn’t this fun?

Over to you.

Which three things will you do daily to create those core desired feelings in your life?

{Organising} Birthday cards with binder rings

For a few years now, I’ve been making little binder ring books with all the birthday cards I want to keep.

Granted, I don’t usually get more than about 4 – 5 cards for my own birthday, but the kids generally get a few.

This year, since I turned 40 and had a “party” (lunch!), I got a few more cards than normal.

This is how I turn them into a book.

Punch holes, thread them onto the rings and close. DONE!

I don’t even fancy them up with ribbon anymore.

This is how I store them. I’m still using that same yellow basket. I just squish the “books” in tighter.

Some more uses for binder rings

I also used to use them to hang my handbags.

Do you keep birthday cards? How do you store yours?

{Printable} Core desired feelings

I created a free printable to map out your core desired feelings.

If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you’ll receive it in exactly 30 minutes’ time. Otherwise, if you’re not, feel free to sign up here (or on the sidebar —->>> where it says free time and organising tips) and it will be delivered to you automatically, together with your welcome pack.

Please note – the link for part 2 will not work yet as that post is only going to be published on Monday.


{Live intentionally} Core desired feelings – part 1

If you haven’t yet heard of Danielle LaPorte’s core desired feelings, then you’re missing out.

I watched this video where Danielle talks with Marie Forleo about goal-setting with a twist and I was hooked.

Basically, you’re not chasing goals but you’re chasing the feelings you want to feel. Slight twist but so very powerful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

I did a little mind map (as I do!) on CDFs for the work I want to be doing, and then I did a general mind map for my general core desired feelings. The photos in this post is my “whole life” mind map.

If you decide to take up the challenge, you could do it my way – with a mind map – or just tap into what currently works for you. But take the time to have some thinking and feeling time.

It’s a really powerful exercise.

I chatted about this concept with one friend over supper one night, and just talking her through the process and pondering/ probing/ gently challenging her thinking was hugely insightful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

If you want to apply this concept to organising of your home or time, you could simply ask yourself these questions:

What are my core desired feelings for my home?

These are mine:

  1. order
  2. peace
  3. freedom
  4. breathing space
  5. fun

What are my core desired feelings for my time/ schedule?

These are mine:

  1. freedom
  2. (lots of) white space
  3. abundance
  4. (yet) accomplished
  5. connected

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

What are your core desired feelings?

(I’m sending out a free printable to work through your CDFs on Wednesday. Are you signed up to the newsletter yet?)

You can make a printable/ shareable/ pinnable graphic of your CDFs here.


{Organising} When you know what to do but can’t seem to do it

When you know what to do but life throws you a curveball |Organising Queen

 Another great question from Laura.

I have re-read your book twice this month and I get the ideas, but my own issues right now are preventing me from implementing them and I’m trying to figure out why.

Could you address people who, in theory, know all the organizing tips and tricks, and have ten books or blogs about it on their reading lists, but can’t seem to do it? Does that make sense? That’s me right now, not always… but right now.

Blessings, Laura

To me this sounds like either a case of motivation, customisation or accountability.

If you know what to do and have done it before, it’s definitely not a question of skill or competence. You can do it – you’ve done it before – and you will be able to do it again.

See if any of these questions triggers something for you :)

1. Why do you want to organise x, y or z? Are you very clear on your why and how you want it to look/ be?

Get clear on the vision for your space – I want this kitchen to function smoothly so I can prepare and cook meals in under 30 minutes.

2. Are the solutions not motivating you because they don’t feel like your style, or that they will work for your lifestyle?

If there are particularly fussy solutions that you know won’t work for you or your boys, that may be why you don’t feel like implementing them. Try to customise as much as possible, and take your organising style (I talk about this in the book) into account.

3. Do you have accountability or support?

I make a goals list every week (from my annual and monthly goals) and share this list with my accountability partner, Beth. I’m definitely not always highly motivated to do everything on that list but the fact that I”ll be chatting to Beth on a Thursday pushes me over the hurdle to get things done. I don’t want to tell her, week in and week out, that I still haven’t done x or y. Sometimes I have done that though which usually means there’s also something else going on.

A great place to get some accountability and support is the Live Organised Community.


{Organising} When life throws you curveballs

When life throws you a curveball |Organising Queen

I had a great question from my friend, Laura, at Clearly Living. Laura is a missionary living in Mozambique. I think she has about 30 boys in her care.

She said that she’s travelled back and forth to the US a lot over the last couple of years due to her parents’ ill health and when she does, she’s thrown off all her routines and it takes her ages to get back on track when she’s in Mozambique again.

She wanted some suggestions for her and for other readers who might not travel a lot but get knocked off their routines by life’s curveballs.

I think this is a great question because she’s right – we all have things that throw us off track:

  • busy time periods at work (month-end/ year-end/ closing out a project/ going live with other projects, etc.)
  • busy periods in our kids’ lives (concert week was like that for us last year, getting close to recitals or plays, etc. with performing kids)
  • any illness (kids are not sleeping, parents are not sleeping, everything goes to pot and the laundry piles up…)
  • going on holiday (I’ve recently been on a holiday and the laundry when you get back – my word!)
  • really, any out-of-the-ordinary happening that messes with your routine

I’ll share with you my top 3 ways  to get back on track:

When life throws you a curveball |Organising Queen

1. Lower my expectations

That seems counter-intuitive but it makes complete sense for any of us control freaks.

I know after a holiday it’s going to take about a week for things to return to our normal. There’s no sense in stressing every day because there are piles of laundry (I have a thing about laundry!) undone.

This one step is the biggest creator of peace of mind in the home.

2. Get back to basics as quickly as possible

For me, that’s making my menu plan and making sure we have enough fruits and veg in the house. I can almost always cobble meals together from the freezer or pantry; it’s when there isn’t enough apples or carrots that I start to twitch. Food is important to me and the family, so this is one of my priorities.

Basically, just start putting your routines in order. When we get back from a holiday, I start unpacking IMMEDIATELY and I’ve trained the kids to do the same too. For our last two trips, they unpacked their own things :) One of them whined a bit but this is a non-negotiable.

3.  How can I restore order in the quickest, painless way?

I could take one day, generally the Sunday afterwards, and do laundry non-stop, but that is not painless for me! So I do a daily load until we’re caught up (we generally only do the laundry about 3 – 4 times a week). It’s generally just a day or two longer, but knowing that there’s a plan helps a lot to keep me at peace!

If laundry isn’t painless for you, attack it all and get it done quickly :)

I read a blog once where the mom used to go to a laundromat, use 6 machines and just get all the laundry done if they had a curveball or two thrown at them. She said she’d take a book, relax for two hours and leave with everything up to date. Sounds splendid.


Laura, if I were you, I’d give myself two weeks to get back to my routines. Decide what is most important to you, and start doing that thing immediately (as you saw above, unpacking and food for me!).

Then build on those initial steps until your routine is restored.

What do you do when life throws you curveballs?

Of course this all assumes you have some routines to start with. If not, food and laundry are always good places to start.

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