{Time management} Lessons learnt from baking biscuits for Christmas

The aim was to bake a batch of my “famous” oatmeal drop cookies  (terrible pics but good recipe :)) to make 3 gifts. One batch yields about 36 cookies and I package 12 of them in a clean coffee glass jar with ribbons and labels to prettify.



This is one of the plain ones since it was for a guy ;)

This happened two weeks ago and I learnt a few valuable lessons :)

1. Don’t try to multi-task

I’m sure I just popped out of the kitchen to quickly do something in the study…


2. Taste a cookie first to make sure nothing strange happened.

I delegated a batch of baking to the nanny because this recipe has been impossible to mess up (til now!). A big batch was packaged and given to friends.


And then I tasted one of the remaining biscuits the day after and it was tasteless. OOPS! I sent a text to my friend to apologise and set about making a new batch which thankfully, was exactly as it should be. Yummy and moreish.


3. Measure out double batches of your dry ingredients

This is a good lesson that always works for me. As I’m messing up my kitchen anyway with flour, baking powder, etc. I measure out 2 – 3 sets of the dry ingredients so when I want to bake I just toss those in the mixing bowl, add the wet ingredients, mix and we’re all ready.

Because of that burnt batch, I had to make a second one. Not that it went to waste or anything ;) As I said, the biscuits are yummy!

Let my silliness be a lesson to you though – stay in the kitchen and organise a cupboard or something.

Don’t let your biscuits burn!

Have you done any baking these holidays? Do you have any go-to recipes for me?

Free goal-setting and planning forms

If you don’t already have the free time management purpose pack and the 2015 goals and intentions planner, that probably means you’re not signed up to the list yet.

Sign up here and the welcome pack with the two documents will be delivered to your inbox quick-sticks :)

Please save in a safe place, start using the forms and most of all, let me know how you like them.

How are you slowing down?

I’m keeping the disc.ount code open for the last time today so that if you were distracted last week, you can catch up today on all your favourite products.

Bonus – you don’t have to drive around a shopping mall looking for parking and jostle with hundreds of other shoppers :)


The code is Christmas and you can access it here.

Aside from all the shopping news, I hope you’re slowing down and enjoying this festive season.

I am on holidays in the Drakensberg and I tell you, it’s a luxury and a real pleasure to read a book for hours on end :)

There’s no wi-fi here and my cell phone reception is not great (not great is an understatement) so it’s forced me to stay off the internet and really just use the limited connectivity to post a pic to Instagram now and again, and today to quickly send you this note :)

What can you let go of to slow down?

I’ll be blogging just a little bit next week but definitely during my favourite week of the whole year (the week between Christmas and New Year) when I break out my new diary, prep it and do my annual reflection. Oh, and enrol you into the Let’s Do This virtual workshop.


for the slash-ers, bloggers and entrepreneurs


Today is the last day of the annual sale. So we’re back to regular blog posts and one newsletter next week :)

The two products I’m highlighting today are for slash-ers like me (full-time job plus a side hustle :)), those who want to make some mo-ney from their blogs and anyone else who has a business.

1. Organise your business

I used to coach so many solopreneurs on the same topics – systemising their business, leveraging their time, working more effectively, etc. that I put it all in a 10-part e-course.

2. How to become a professional organiser

This product is not openly for sale but I often find people asking me how to get started and I point them towards this guide, because it’s got everything. From niching to pricing to good guidelines to follow to setting up business plans, etc.

If either of these talk to you, go get your copy now.

Otherwise have a look at the entire store page and see if you missed out on anything. Everything is still available from next week but the coupon code expires at midnight on the 14th.

Check it out here.

do you need more time?



It’s the last two days of the annual Christmas sale these products are 50% off – yay!) and today I’m highlighting another 3 products from my store.

Again, it’s best to get the bundle but if you only need a certain portion, we’ve unbundled them and they’re available separately today.

1. Organise your time e-course

This is a gentle start into managing your time more effectively.

It’s easy to be busy but are you busy with the right things? That’s the question this e-course helps you answer, and find a way to navigate a better way.

2. Break out of overwhelm

I’ve said this many times in the past but this is my favourite product ever.

This one is for anyone who needs a jumpstart in their life. When life gets overwhelming and you don’t know which way to turn, this is your step-by-step to surviving, and then to start building good habits again.

I use these principles 2 – 3 times a year myself :)

3. More time quickstart

This is an audio and transcript combo with 10 things you can do right now to create more time in your life. 60 minutes and you’re well on your way.

Check them all out here.


your f.r.e.e 2015 goals planner


I’ve put together and attached a resource to help you close out 2014, and start 2015 on the right foot – Let’s do this (a 2015 goals and intentions workbook).

I personally don’t feel like I can properly start the new year til the current one is dealt with – I need to do my annual review, understand why the year happened as it did (!) and then only can I set intentions, goals and make plans to fully move into the new year.

Remember it’s my annual Christmas sale where the products are 50% off, today I’m highlighting the 2 goals products from my store.

Why should you care about these? Because life is short, friend.

Over this last month, far too many friends or family of friends have died. A close friend’s FIL, another close friend’s BIL and FIL, a ballet friend from my childhood, the husband of another acquaintance, the mothers of two colleagues, and the list goes on.

There’s never going to be a good time to do anything worthwhile.

Whatever you want to do, now is the time to do it.

If you want to write a book, well, it’s time to start.

If you always wanted to run a half marathon, it’s time to start.

If you want to learn to take better photos of your loved ones, just start.

I’m so passionate about living intentionally because we have no guarantees.

These resources will for sure help you:

1. How to set and achieve your goals

This product started with me teaching on goals in my home, then in church groups, and then online. I’ve heard over and over how I make things easy because I go through them step by step :)

2. Big, Juicy Goals

This one is only for those who are already successful at achieving their goals and want to step up their game. This will push you and make you stretch out of your comfort zone.

Check it out here.


{Organising} Travel with pre-school kids – my 3 top tips

We haven’t travelled internationally with our five-year-old twins yet, but we have travelled with them a lot locally.

We’ve driven to destinations by car and we’ve also flown… and I’ve found that these tips will work for both methods of transport.

Kids are unpredictable so yes, you have to be flexible but there’s a lot of things you can do to make sure they’re comfortable and that can make our lives easier and so I thought I should share things that work for us:

Travel with kids | www.organisingqueen.com

1. Food

We try and keep them eating the things they normally eat at home so that I know they will eat, and also, so that there are no new things to get used to.

We do have a couple of different options but I’ve found these are mostly for us, rather than for them. I once said to Connor, “but isn’t it boring to eat peanut butter every day?” and he said, “it’s not boring for me, Mummy”. Okay then, that’s very clear!

I like to involve the kids and give them choice but I do it in a sneaky way – I have my set meals but I’ll say should we have this or that for lunch, or what do you guys want for supper – this or that? They feel empowered but the meals were on the menu anyway, maybe just not for that specific day.

Super tip – whenever you’re out and about, have a snack for you and for them. This could be fruit and water on the beach, or some cheese and crackers if you head to the shops. Again, this might just be my kids but they’re always better behaved when they’re not hungry.

Travel with kids | www.organisingqueen.com

2. Clothes

For our last 4 holidays, I’ve booked a self-catering place with a washing machine (and I take a scoop of laundry detergent with us) so we can do laundry half way through our holiday.

This means we take half the clothes we actually want with us.

I pack sets of clothes for the kids in individual ziploc bags so that when they wake in the mornings, they can choose a bag of clothes and get themselves dressed. I also try to choose clothes that all generally match (I believe this could be called unconscious capsuling :)) for easier mix-and-matching.

We generally pack just two pairs of shoes.

Super tip – don’t pack a lot of toys. I pack less and less every time. For our last holiday I packed one notebook each, a set with a very thin activity pad, colouring book and stickers, and some pencil crayons and crayons. That’s it. And they still didn’t use all the items.


Travel with kids | www.organisingqueen.com

3. Routines

I find that kids like to know what will be happening next, or at least mine do, so we tell them what to expect.

Generally our “beach holiday” routine is wake, dress in swimsuits, breakfast, beach, back for showers and clean clothes, lunch, naps/ quiet time, another long walk on the beach (also known as Marcia’s photo time), relaxing in the flat, supper and bed.

If the weather’s not good, we do something else but we explain to our kids so they know what to expect.

Super tip – keep your expectations very low. I consider it a good day if there’s no tantrum or sulking, and if I get to have an hour of relaxation (photo walk, reading, beach time). Some days you might just get all the sun tan lotion on and get down on the beach when you have to go right back so your kids can use the loo. Low expectations will ensure you don’t freak out and still enjoy your holiday. If you expected to have 4 hours of beach time a day and your kids are in a miserable mood, you just won’t enjoy yourself. Don’t do that to yourself.

If you keep the big picture in mind which is to spend time together as a family at another destination (as my friend Kirsten says, “same circus, different tent”), you’ll enjoy your time together a lot more.

Are you going away during the December holidays?

What are your favourite tips for travelling with kids?

the home product bundle


Remember it’s my annual Christmas sale (products are 50% off – yay!) and today I’m highlighting another 3 products from my store.

There’s no doubt that it’s more cost-effective to get the bundle but if you only need a certain portion of the bundle, we’ve unbundled them and they’re available today.

1. Organise your home

This is my most popular product ever. People generally like it because we break the house down into little bitty sections so you don’t get overwhelmed and yet you make very steady progress.

2. 10 Steps to your fin.ancial freedom

Don’t get this one if your fin.ances are totally in order. But if you need some help, this one covers all the basics beautifully. Many, many coaching clients have been through this course with great success.

3. Simplify your life

This is another one of my favourites. I used to teach this content live as a 3-hour workshop and I then added to it and converted it to a course. It’s a really good way to start living a simpler life more in line with your values.

Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate it.

Check them all out here.

It’s my annual holiday sale



It’s my annual Christmas sale (the products will be 50% off – yay!) and today I’m highlighting 3 products from my store.

(if you’re impatient, you need to use code Christmas and the 50% will be applied at checkout)

There’s no doubt that it’s more cost-effective to get the bundle but if you only need a certain portion of the bundle, we’ve unbundled them and they’re available today.

1. 7 easy steps to organise your office

This is a bestseller. It was put together because 50 of my readers replied to a blog post and I designed and crafted the product to address those needs.

2. Conquer your email

This is another popular one. Many people have told me just using one or two tips save them 30 minutes a day. Multiply that out and it’s 7500 minutes a year or 5.2 days. Totally worth it!

3. Virtual organising seminar

This one is my personal favourite. It’s me teaching for 15 – 20 minutes on each of the areas in an officey environment, plus a comprehensive workbook to help you along.

This virtual seminar has been taken by people all over the world – USA, UK, South Africa, Germany, etc. and the principles work wherever you are.

Please go have a look and make your choice here.


{Organising} 15-minute tasks to make you feel like a winner

Yesterday a friend sent me a file she thought I’d enjoy and told me she was clearing up her computer.

What a good idea, I said to myself, so I set my iPhone timer for 15 minutes and decided to tidy up my stuff too.

Within that time, I’d deleted a ton of downloads, printed out 3 pages to try and I also send her two files that she might like to use.

When I looked at my neat and tidy flash drive after that, I felt amazing.

Just goes to show you what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.

15-minute organising |www.OrganisingQueen.com

If you need more time, by all means take it. But work in focused bursts of time and you’ll get plenty done!

At this time of year, we’re all spent, busy and tired from all the end-of-year socials and events from school, work and friends. But that’s no need to feel dragged down.

Take 15 minutes here and there to sort a few tasks out and you’ll at least keep things slightly more organised.

What will you organise in just 15 minutes this weekend?

PS when you organise something small for 15 minutes, please take a photo and post it to Instagram. If you tag your photo with #15minorganising and @marcia0608, I’ll find you and come cheer you on!

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